Saturday, December 4, 2010

LIB 705 Coming to a Close

Well, my Fresno Pacific LIB 705 class is ending today.  Will I keep up this blog?  I do enjoy having this forum and I see great uses and possibilities for it for my library.  So, my first task is to get a link to this blog onto my library web page, in order for students to find it.  Then, I will need to get the word out that it is there and why they should take the time to look at it.  Finally, I need to then make sure I come up with some creative ways to encourage discussions on the blog, and remember to maintain it regularly to keep it current.  One idea I have is to continue to use it as a means for book talks and then ask questions about the book that will lead to discussions on the blog about the book and who liked it and why.  It will also serve as a great forum to get information out about upcoming events in the library, or what's new in the library. 

Will I keep up this blog?  I hope so!  The journey continues...

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